Where we work
  • Isiolo and Tharaka counties are considered a ‘hard-to-reach’ areas.  Accessibility is hampered by poor infrastructure.

  • In Isiolo County, occasional insecurity is caused by conflicts among inhabitants (due to limited water supply, pasture and other reasons) and with neighbouring countries (Ethiopia and Somalia).  This has contributed to economic instability, demonstrated by the uncharacteristically high poverty levels (63% versus the national level of 46%). 

Why female cancers?

The annual incidence of cancer is close to 37,000 new cases with an annual mortality of over 28,000. Cancer accounts for 7.0% of overall national mortality.

Cervical cancer is the most common cancer among women in Kenya. Cervical cancer poses a great burden on women’s health in Kenya due to its high incidence and the poor prognosis

Despite the high burden, only 3% of women are routinely screened. This is why CHAP has intervened to support these high-risk groups in remote locations.

The leading cancers in women are: 

◦cervix (40.1/100,000) and

◦breast (38.3/100,000)

CHAP as a Facilitator

CHAP acts as a facilitator by building partnerships with devolved County governments. We do so by:

  • Providing enabling environments and policies.

  • Service delivery to cancer clients.

  • Providing appropriate space and privacy for women undergoing cervical and breast screening through rehabilitation of health facilities.

  • Community networking: acceptability and accessibility.

  • Occasional technical and financial support.

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